Meet our Member – Dale


Meet our Member – Dale

Dale /‘daIl/. Noun.

Outgoing member of Transcend Health. Born and bred in Bulahdelah, New South Wales. Known for his love of football, deep squats, and a Friday afternoon beer. Can be spotted at six in the morning at Transcend Health, doing Shavasana, or having “chat” about the latest Jets game.

It’s no secret that Dale Sumner, is part of Transcends foundation. He attends every class on offer, and is always up for a laugh.

Dale has answered some questions below to give others a snap shot into why he loves (and almost lives) at Transcend Health.

Q: What brought you to Transcend Health, and what has made you stay?

A: It was coming into finals time last year and I had hardly played any football for the (mighty) Cooks Hill soccer team, because of a long-term injury I had picked up early in the season. Duncan came to one of our games to help us out with any injuries, and he showed me some stretches that helped get me back playing… my Transcend journey grew from there.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that my body needed more than a few physio sessions to get where I wanted it to be, and Transcends holistic view of health and functional movement was a match for me.

Q: Why would you encourage others to join as a member?

A: Outside of the obvious benefits to your health I would say the people. Transcend is one big positive community, the support network, banter, and accountability to your trainer and fellow members is what makes the early mornings, and after work sessions a highlight of my day. We train together but also socialise together, and through Transcend I have met many people I now consider my good friends.

Q: What changes have you noticed in your body since training at Transcend Health?

A: Apart from my newly acquired sculpted guns and chiselled abs, the largest changes have been in the way I sit, and stand which has greatly reduced my back pain. I drive a lot for work, and it’s a relief back pain is no longer a huge fear for me. Daily life is easier.


If you like the sound of the Transcend approach (and Dale), come and try a class at Transcend Health.

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 have been working with Jacci for 4 months for pain management and strength and overall better fitness – my back and muscle pain was horrendous, but not anymore thanks to Jacci. I could not have got this far without her. Would highly recommend her to anyone.


I highly recommend Jacci and Duncan at Transcend Health for anyone who wants to move better, improve their running and body weight strength training.


Duncan is an absolute champ and with his help this week I’ve returned to all my usual activities with no pain or problems at all. I challenge you to find a better physio in Newcastle!


Jacci is really great at what she does. Her energy is irresistable and she made putting a program together really enjoyable. I has pain from three separate back injuries and after a few weeks worth of sessions with Jacci, they felt the best they had in years. 10/10


We love Jacci! She is super passionate and you cann tell she loves what she does. I feel the best I have in a long time.



Duncan and Jacci are amazing! They work really well together and were so good at getting the right program and solutions in place for me. I’ll be going back for as long as they are there.